Delivery from stock

Metrical holds a 40.000 core-bit stock on average. Because of this stock we are able to ship goods to contracted customers the same day of the order.

Standard from Ø7 tot Ø800 mm

The standard ½’’ BSP core bits in stock vary in diameter from 7 mm to 250 mm, with an effective length of 300 mm. The standard 1/14 UNC core bits in stock vary in diameter from 50 mm to 800 mm, with an effective length of 400 mm, 420 mm, 540 mm and 500 mm.

Production within 24 hours

Metrical can product almost any core bit our customers require. We are able to do this within 24 hours as we have a large and varied stock of connections and tubes. Our standard types of connections are: 1 1/4 UNC, 1/2'' BSP, M16 x 2, M30, M38, M41 and Pixie.  

Custom production

Because we are willing to help our customers with varied specific requests, you can always inquire your core bit related needs. We will find and produce the best solution for your required needs within your requested time line.


Metrical supplies  almost all related accessories of diamond core drills like for example adapters, extensions, extractor fans (for dust suction) and disc type wing nuts for connecting drill stands. All these products are delivered directly from stock.

Metrical can also supply all kinds of CNC work, like core bits made  from a single piece,  to match your own model and connection.